Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 has indeed been in the rumour mill for long. While we recently reviewed the dual SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and it was an all-rounder with a really impressive camera, the design left a lot to be desired and so did the battery life. Thankfully for Note fans who have skipped on the Note 5, we have the rumour mill that seems to be getting plenty of inputs in the past couple of days. Keeping track of them however is a task, which is why we have compiled a list of updates that we have come across so far.

Build, Design and Display:

According to a recent rumour, Samsung is working with not one, but two versions of the Galaxy Note 6. Both models are said to pack in a 5.8-inch displays of Quad HD resolution but fit into two different bodies. Turns out Samsung is still deciding on whether it wants to go in for the curved display or a flat one. More importantly, the company is said to be working on a slimmer ‘Slim RGB’ display that should not just make the panel lighter but also make more room for other components like the batter which is also expected to get a much needed spec bump. As of now, there are no details as to which model (curved or flat) is going to make it as the final product, but we do know that it will be just one.

Chipset, RAM and Storage:

Earlier rumours did point to the company using its own Exynos 8890 chipset. Even recent rumours point out to the same with the addition of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 chipset variant. The 64-bit processor according to wccftech is expected to be built using the 10nm manufacturing process and will come with its a quad-core setup clocked at 2.2GHz giving it a 18 percent speed bump over the existing 820. Additionally, the chipsets are expected to be paired with 6GB of RAM, that seems to be the next standard for RAM on recently announced high-end flagships. Coupled with that is 32GB of storage that was also a standard on the recently announced Galaxy S7 series as well.


So far most of the rumours have not shed much light on the camera module to be featured on the Galaxy Note 6. But a recent one from a German website claims that it will be a 12MP unit that is similar to the one on the Galaxy S7 models.


Our biggest complaint in our full review of the Galaxy Note 5 dual SIM was the battery life. And seems like Samsung is indeed listening to us and its customers. The company is said have included its biggest smartphone battery yet, in the form of a 4000mAh unit that may take up some extra space and heft as well. However, the ‘Slim RGB’ display (mentioned above) will save some space and should help the device grow slimmer. The Note 5 packed in a 3000mAh battery while the currently available Galaxy S7 edge smartphone packs in a 3600mAh unit.

Well, that’s about it for now, but it does seem that Samsung has worked on many of the Note 4 and Note 5’s flaw going by the rumours. While the launch is expected to take place earlier this year in July, these are still rumours so we would advice you to take the same with a pinch of salt.

Publish date: April 26, 2016 10:42 am| Modified date: April 26, 2016 10:42 am

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