Keeping in mind the government’s push for electric vehicles, officials and state firms under the power, coal, renewable energy and mines ministries will soon start switching to electric vehicles. The idea is a plan to make zero-emissions vehicles popular and is headed by Piyush Goyal, who is the minister in charge of these areas.

As reported by the Economic Times, the government has prepared various guidelines that should have fast-charging stations for smaller vehicles and battery swapping stations for buses before the first phase picks up.

Preparations to float tenders to buy these electric vehicles for the state-run services will soon open up, inviting bids for bulk supply.

So far that number is set at 1,200 vehicles for the various offices of a number of departments in Delhi. Goyal told ET that market for such electric vehicles is worth Rs 10,000 crore or more.

The NTPC, Power Grid Corp and Coal India will see to the installations of charging stations in parking areas in Delhi.

While acquiring electric buses will not be too much of a problem, the selection of electric vehicles in India is rather limited, so it waits to be seen as to which electric vehicles, government officials would be comfortable with.

Publish date: May 12, 2017 11:56 am| Modified date: May 12, 2017 11:56 am

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