We’ve seen a shift in the pattern of how we use services, owing to one-click web and mobile services. With the aim to bring this wave of change to home services market in India, industry veterans Arjun Kumar and Sunil Goel have launched Bangalore-based startup Housejoy in January this year. The startup works at fulfilling on-demand residential services by partnering with a team of certified, skilled experts who will reach your doorsteps as per the scheduled time.

Housejoy is headed by CEO Saran Chatterjee, and overall the team has 350 members, which doesn’t include service providers. Just before Diwali, the company saw a spike with over three times the requirement and more than 60 percent growth.


Co-founder Arjun Kumar said, “Sunil and I realised there was a platform for home services, owing to our large population. We decided to get to the bottom line of services. We realised a huge chain of home services are available that can be organised for the large market size. We spent a lot of time talking to people, understanding the demand and supply and then finally realised there is a market for it and designed the entire system.”

Housejoy caters to people looking for a number of services such as plumbing, electrical, home cleaning (Yes, you heard that right), computer repair, fitness, drivers, pest control, beauty, laundry, carpentry and painting. Yes, all these services that one requires in their day-to-day life wrapped under one roof. Overall, it has 14 categories and is currently in 11 cities.

Imagine you are looking for a carpenter or plumber and key in your details at Just Dial, Sulekha or similar service, which begin to populate a list of addresses and numbers to choose from. This is where Housejoy further simplifies the process. Once you select a service, the rest is taken care by Housejoy. So, you don’t have to run through the list, check for reviews, negotiate and so on. Housejoy will manage just about everything including your complaints about the service.  


Most of these services are being widely used across cities Housejoy caters to. In fact co-founder Sunil Goel tells us, “In January, the company was completing 40 jobs a day, and the number has now increased to whopping 4000 jobs per day.”

With multiple campaigns, depending upon the city, the company has been trying to create awareness about how handy these services could get.

Housejoy is trying to create newer avenues by bringing services like beauty care to your doorsteps. It is also pilot testing new options like car dealing/washing, skin care services and so on. Besides, home cleaning (deep cleaning) is another interesting service that is fairly new to the Indian market.  

Talking about introducing newer home services and acceptability in the Indian market, Chatterjee explains, “The shift will gradually happen, maybe in the next 5 -10 years. People will slowly start getting comfortable with the concept as seeking convenience would be the key. Moreover, alternate options are bound to get expensive, and these service will then start looking lucrative.”

Housejoy is aiming to deliver convenience, quality and reliability, and plans on creating awareness via its several ad campaigns.

Housejoy app is now available to download from Google Play store. 

Publish date: November 12, 2015 5:45 pm| Modified date: November 12, 2015 5:49 pm

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