Whether our utopian wish list turns into a reality or not, there are a handful of devices that aren’t a figment of imagination and would reach markets anytime this year. Although there isn't an exact release date, these upcoming devices are expected to launch anytime sooner or later, this year. We’ve picked 10 devices that you can look forward to this year.

iPhone 5
This celebrated device is expected to come sometime this year. Whether it’s named iPhone 5 or not, the next generation of the iPhone is expected to release later this year in fall, the same time the iPhone 4S was released in 2011. The device is suggested to come in a tapering design, while some supposed design elements were revealed recently. Besides, we obviously expect some improvements over its key feature – Siri. So, if you're boggled over buying an iPhone 4S, especially owing to the hefty price that comes with unjustifiable upgrades (at least the price tag it attaches in India says so), we suggest you might as well wait for the newer version.

iPad 3/Mini iPad
Whether Apple plans to launch the iPad 3 or the iPad Mini or both, is unclear yet. But, a newer version of the iPad is seemingly in the making and on its way this year. As we’ve said earlier, tablets came and went, some stayed, but one still manages to rule. Do we name it? As the rumours are rife, you can put aside a piggy bank and get the next generation iPad, which presumably may get all/some functions of the iPhone 4S, ‘siri’ously.

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Samsung Galaxy S3
If Samsung Galaxy S II managed to woo the Android masses, its successor may just add to the fanfare. Samsung’s next generation of Galaxy S smartphones, the Galaxy S III, has been making rounds and is expected to be up for grabs this year. Obviously, it will get the taste of Ice Cream Sandwich along with a set of advanced attributes that have been making rounds on the Internet, such as quad core processor that clocks at 1.8GHz, 3D display capabilities and more.
Wintel tablets
Last year saw a slew of Android tablets come in, catering to almost every budget, but not many were successful at making a mark in the ‘i’-smitten tablet arena. This year, Windows has geared to step in with Intel's Clover Trail technology in tow. In the making are Wintel tablets from Acer and Lenovo (whoever gets it first) – something we are eagerly waiting to know is how would they shape up.

Prime to shine in 2012

Prime to shine in 2012

Transformer Prime
Touted to be the most powerful tablet, the next generation leap of the Asus Transformer, the Transformer Prime is a device to look forward to this year. It is embedded with a 10.1-inch Super IPS+ capacitive touchscreen. Thinnest at 8.3mm and lightest at 586 grams, it comes with a full QWERTY dock, added battery pack, quad core Tegra 3 processor, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, DLNA support, Bluetooth along with USB port and SD card slot. Initially, to feature Honeycomb, the device is upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

BlackBerry 10 smartphones
The ray of hope beaming through RIM’s abode is its new BlackBerry 10 platform, however, using a device running on this newest iteration of BlackBerry OS will reach users only after you’ve traversed through first half of the year. The BlackBerry 10 has some promising features. All we hope is that it isn’t too late for RIM and it keeps users glued onto screens, until then.
New forms of Aakash tablet and Reliance 4G tablet
Aakash has been talking about improved versions, even before its device hit store shelves. The Aakash has begun shipping and the UbiSlate is expected to start shipping soon. But sometime this year, the company is expected to dish out a spruced up version of the Aakash with a better processor, improved feature set and a detachable keyboard for a price that reads Rs.3,500. Needless to say, at the rate its versions are being talked about we shouldn’t be surprised to see some more variants of the Aakash. Nevertheless, we hope they hit store shelves too, and not just remain announcements. After Aakash set the stage for extremely-low end tablet range, Reliance had stepped in with poise to regenerate the buzz with a 4G tablet as it has begun setting up 4G services in India. If the news is to be believed, then you’d be glad to shell out mere Rs.10/GB data over 4G network.
Windows smartphones
We aren’t sure if the worst is over for Nokia, but Windows Phone has sure brought a bout of fresh air to a great extent. Some more Lumia handsets are set to set the stage ablaze this year. We also expect HTC and some more manufacturers push in the Windows handset across the globe. For Nokia, we don't know how easy it will be to craft affordable phones using the Windows Phone operating system for the Indian masses. Nevertheless, we’ve pinned our hopes on Windows smartphones for the year 2012. 
We’ve already seen Ultrabooks from Asus (Zenbook) and also from Dell and HP. There could be many to follow after the CES kick starts. An array of laptops armed with Intel’s Ivy Bridge could just load the market with powerful devices in a sleeker form factor. So, probably later this year, we could expect powerful, sleeker Ultrabooks equipped with the Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge platform, making  it something to look forward to.



Canon EOS 1DX
Professional photographers and photography enthusiasts can look forward to the Canon EOS 1DX that is expected to make its debut this year. The 18 million effective pixel sensor has been roped in to offer quality images at higher sensitivities. It features a new layout, new metering system and an improved user interface.

Be it ultrabooks, improved tablets or quad core smartphones, the year 2012 seems to be full of promises. So, which one of these devices are you looking forward to this year?

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