Pretty much everyone on the planet knows Crysis 2 exists. Everyone knows it’s going multiplatform and that it’ll hit stands by the end of the year. But what about finer details like gameplay, enemy AI, the Nano Suit etc?

We dive into the latest issue of PC Gamer and comb it with a fine tooth to give you a point by point lowdown on Crytek’s latest sci-fi open world shooter.

1) Crysis 2 takes place three years after the events of the first game.

2) A comic book may bridge the gap between the two games.

3) Crytek have hired well established science-fiction writer, Richard Morgan to pen the story for Crysis 2.

4) Crytek acknowledge the fact that Crysis’ end was pretty boring and they’re going to make sure they don’t repeat that “mistake” with Crysis 2.

5) Crytek aren’t compromising on console development. It’ll have all the features of the PC version.

6) Crysis 2 will allow players to be stealthier this time round.

7) In Crysis 2 players will always be either in Stealth or Armor mode. Any other mode chosen after will simply complement the existing one giving players a lot more tactical freedom as opposed to the first game.

8) Any enemy you spot through your binoculars (Tactics mode) will permanently appear on your mini map.

9) Human enemy AI will be as smart as ever.

10) Players will be able to rip out lampposts and bludgeon enemies to death with it.

11) You will earn experience points of sorts in the game with which you could upgrade your Nano Suit. One of the upgrades will allow players to see enemies through walls.

12) The Power mode is a love child of the Speed and Strength modes from Crysis. It will also enable players to climb building ledges allowing them to scale New York vertically.

13) Verticality will play a very important role in the game. You will be able to stalk your enemies from roof tops.

14) Jumping on a car’s roof will cause the hood to bend.

15) Aliens are present in the game but this time they will be less boring.

16) You can use stealth to outwit aliens.

17) The alien arrival will be denoted in a physical way and will most probably affect the atmosphere in New York City.

18) Most aliens will exhibit heavy, chunky, metallic and organic characteristics.

19) Some aliens will slam onto the ground like meteors attacking you even before the dust cloud settles.

20) According to Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, “Crysis 2 is most advanced game on the planet”

Publish date: June 7, 2010 10:05 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:22 pm

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