It’s not from a spacecraft, neither is it from a satellite nor from a rocket; fumble officials from the Russian Federal Space Agency and NASA as they struggle to find the origin of a mysterious titanium object, weighing 200 kilograms, which fell from the sky, reports The Telegraph. The cylindrical-shaped object, with a dome dotted by ridges was found in Otradnesnky, in Siberia, Russia, in a forest and has since been inviting curious villagers, who haven’t been able to fathom such a giant piece in their village. The villagers, however, know that the titanium object (parts of which has been of ultra-strong titanium) landed in a nearby forest on March 18. They then attached the giant dome to a trailer, and dragged it to their village in the snow.  Once there, local inspectors carefully assessed the piece, before informing the higher authorities in Moscow. While local reporters are increasingly of the belief that they may be from a fallen Meridian satellite or a ballistic missile, the Russian Federal Space Agency thinks otherwise. 

Fell from the sky!

Fell from the sky!

Reportedly, there was no radiation observed, neither inside nor around the object.  However, further details on the mysterious findings are sketchy, since the officials from NASA or their Russian counterparts do not possess more detailed photos or data, thereby limiting their conclusions. The report further adds, “NASA agrees with their Russian counterparts. Nick Johnson—who directs NASA's orbital debris office—says that “the object almost certainly is not related to a spacecraft. It also does not look like part of a launch vehicle which has fallen from orbit.”

Interestingly, natives belonging to this village in Russia aren’t new to such sightings. Reportedly, just two years ago, they had spotted something similar – with a bear living in it! There is also some speculation that the “mysterious object”, may very well be a secret weapon!

Publish date: March 24, 2012 4:20 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:54 pm

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