Smartphone makers have maintained high-end specification standards along with features such as advanced screen types, high resolution and sleek exteriors. All these capabilities strive to offer users a complete on-the-go experience. While smartphones turn into entertainment hubs, the Android Market aka Google Play has an array of streaming apps that work in tandem with the superior hardware set. We’ve picked 5 movies and TV streaming apps, which you’ll find quite handy.

IMDb Movies & TV – Free
This Android app is full of movie trailers, movies and TV shows. One needs an account on to use this app, and obviously not all content is free. Besides watching movie trailers, reading reviews by users and critics, and more, you can rate movies and TV shows. It comes across as a complete entertainment hub for those who watch movies and TV even when on the move. The app has a 'notify' feature that alerts users about new, upcoming content such as trailers, photos and show times. So, you can not only view content but also discover new content.

Entertainment hub....

Entertainment hub….

Crunchyroll – Free
This app is for anime fans fond of watching Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Shugo Chara!, and so on. It allows users to watch the latest anime from Japan in English, and you will also find Asian Drama. The famous Japanese anime will come with English subtitles and one can even watch new episodes an hour after they are aired in Japan, on Android over Wi-Fi or 3G/ 4G. Most episodes are free, while some may need a paid subscription. A few are restricted due to licensing constraints.

BigFlix – Free
This is the place to watch desi flicks. This free app plays blockbuster movies, the latest trailers, and music videos on Android. It allows users to watch movies as often as they want, and also choose from more than hundreds of full length popular movies. Movies are available in regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali, as well as in English. Recently, BigFlix partnered with Reliance to offer premium full length movies to its 3G subscribers at Rs. 30 per movie. Tablet users can opt for the BigFlix for Tablet.

For anime fans...

For anime fans…

GetGlue – Free
GetGlue is an Android app that lets you check-in movies, TV shows and music. It also doubles up as a social network using which you can view what your friends are watching. It features popular TV shows such as 30 Rock, American Idol, American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory, Dancing with the Stars, Dexter, Doctor Who, Glee, Jersey Shore, Mad Men, Modern Family, and Psych. This app allows chatting with friends and other fans while watching TV. One can also view personalized recommendations and unlock stickers and discounts, which obviously means the content will come with some subscription fees.

YouTube Mobile – Free
YouTube is the most popular video sharing and viewing site, and we just couldn’t keep it out of the list. It is loaded with videos, movies and complete episodes of several TV shows. This official mobile app is quite slick and works smoothly. The YouTube app allows you to watch all the content even while travelling. You will also find several old movies and TV shows on that you loved, and they will keep you hooked all the time. Needless to say, YouTube also offers live streaming of events. 

Desi flicks..

Desi flicks..

While the app is free, most of the content needs a small subscription fee. If you been using any of these apps, let us know. You can also recommend any other streaming app that you’ve been using in the comments section.

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