Wolfram Alpha has been around for the past three years, and this ‘answer engine’ differs from others by a vast magnitude. It doesn’t simply give out the result in form of several relevant web links. On the contrary, it calculates the answer precisely. So, you can ask this ‘search answer engine’ a question and it will pop out the exact answer. You can call it one of the initial steps towards Q&A search engines, and it existed even before the world went gaga over Siri. It’s without voice capabilities of course, but effectively gets into tackling questions with some mind crunching calculations. It would works wonders if you know to extract the best out of it. Here are five ways to use Wolfram effectively for optimum results.

Detailed Comparisons
Wolfram Alpha is one of the best answer engines for comparisons. You can compare two or more entities, for instance companies, websites or even musical instruments. It offers a detailed comparison taking into account the statistics, including factors like revenue, employees, pageviews per day and more. Moreover, the comparison is presented in the form of a sheet to make it easier for users.

Get entities compared...

Get entities compared…

Math Pro
Mathematical calculations are diligently handled by Wolfram Alpha. Just feed in your arithmetic query and the answer engine will give you a step by step method of solving, along with an accurate answer. It can effectively handle simple sums, binary, fractions percentages and also equations. This is a great tool for students and also those who find number crunching a big task. Sounds simpler than your built-in phone calculator.

Counting those calories
Wolfram Alpha is a great way to keep a tab on the calories you choose to indulge in, calculate the body mass index and also indicate if you are drunk or should not opt for another glass. You can check for the calorie that a particular food, and the answer engine tells you the calories and breaks it down into its nutrients value, too. Moreover, you can keep a tab on your body mass index by simply entering your height and weight. It points out at your required fitness in the form of graphs. You can also keep a tab on the blood alcohol percentage keep your drinking within limit or say to know if you could be woozy in the next drink.

Tab on calories...

Tab on calories…


More than a dictionary
Wolfram Alpha serves more than a mere dictionary, it doesn’t only spell out meaning and synonyms, but one can also find out words that start or end with a particular letter. For instance – here in the image Wolfram Alpha displays the result of 7000+ words that end with the letter ‘t.’ It displays the scrabble score of a word too.

Informative and quick...

Informative and quick…

It also shows the type of the word, pronunciation and answers word trivia questions. Interesting, you can ask for the number of days left for your birthday or Christmas.

Know the places
Wolfram Alpha is great with geography, it is capable of showing your IP and exact location, while you can also ask for all the information of a particular place. It will display all details like population, weather and other relevant information. It puts on a platter all information you seek about a country, city or region. Here again, it displays the information in several neat sections. It also answers your questions about largest, or even fifty second smallest country by area. And Wolfram Alpha is a complete trivia packed, highly updated answer engine.

These five ways can help you get optimum and quick results from Wolfram Alpha. They are simpler and precise, negating the need to run through a cluster of web links, and puts all information on a single page. For what have you been using Wolfram Alpha?

Publish date: May 31, 2012 12:30 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:24 pm

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