We all own cellphones that offer an array of features that can make our day to day activities easier to deal with. We have managed to chalk down a daily schedule for an ordinary cellphone user, and the ways in which he can use his phone to its fullest capabilities.

Wake up
Many of us begin our day by rolling over in bed a couple of times, stretching like lions and settling down again, only to switch on our phones to check for updates like weather forecasts, received calls or messages and even to check the time. There are a number of applications that can make your day, right from the time you open your eyes. Alarm clocks have almost been completely replaced by cellphones. With features like snooze timers and multiple alarms, cellhphones are the first choice solution to solving all your 'waking-up problems'. If you feel that your phone shouldn't ring or disturb you while you are asleep you can easily change its mode by switching it to silent or vibrating mode.

Here are some great applications that can give your day a perfect kick-start.

Alarm: The alarm clocks available with phones come with a variety of features like a snooze timer and multiple alarm settings. The snooze feature allows you to shift the ringing time to a few minutes later if you feel that you can afford to sleep for a few minutes more. However, this feature can lead to you delaying your wake-up to a point in time where you will end up being late for work. If you are not happy with the alarm application on your phone then you can surely try other available applications on the Internet.

Phone Mode
: Selecting your phone mode or profile is the most common feature in almost every phone that's available these days. Various profiles that allow your phone to be switched from ringing to vibrating modes are available. You can switch your phone to silent mode if you do not wish to be woken up or if you do not want to disturb anyone else in your surroundings with its ringing. The phone status can be changed from the 'Settings' menu option in most phones. However, some Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones allow you to change the mode by pressing the power button once. The phone mode menu appears on your screen.

Check messages, voicemails: Voicemails can be recorded and saved while you're away or asleep and can be replayed once you're awake. SMS text messages can also be sent accross and read once you're
awake. Hence you can keep a tab of who has called or tried to message you when you were asleep.

Publish date: March 12, 2010 6:37 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:09 pm

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