Just when we thought that Acer had retired the ‘Liquid’ smartphone series, here comes another announcement. This time it is from Acer themselves, and it is about the new Liquid Glow smartphone that will be unveiled during MWC. Acer has already issued a press release for the same, giving away a few details on what to expect from this mainstream droid. The phone will run Android 4.0 and just like the CloudMobile, Acer hasn’t tampered too much with the stock UI of ICS, instead, they’ve added some widgets and wallpapers. The phone is also targeted towards the young crowd, which would explain its curvy design and fresh, pastel colours. Also, it doesn’t seem like it will be too expensive, either, if Acer wants the urban youth to buy this. 

More to come at MWC

More to come at MWC

The Liquid Glow sports a 3.7-inch screen and portrays Acer's signature look with nice curves, chrome details and a soft-touch casing combined to deliver the perfect size, grip and feel. This new smartphone will be available in a series of trendy colors: Sakura Pink, Alpine White, and Cat's-eye Black. Going a step further, the onscreen display style varies with the external colour, making each smartphone a unique fashion statement. The Liquid Glow brings together the power and the convenience of Ice Cream Sandwich, providing a user-friendly interface, along with widgets to easily stay connected, entertained and updated. It also works with the latest voice-input engine from Google, which guarantees a continuous “open microphone” experience and streaming voice recognition. The smartphone's 5 MP rear camera features an LED flash for low- light, as well as panoramic image capture and touch focus. With Android Beam, photos can be shared by a single tap with another NFC-powered Android device, without the hassle of launching application or pairing.

ThIs looks quite similar to the CloudMobile, which we saw yesterday. Then again, both these new phones look similar to their previous Liquid series, so it doesn’t seem like they’ve changed the design too much. Unfortunately, that’s all we have, as far as details go on this phone, right now. Stay tuned for more at MWC.

Publish date: February 25, 2012 10:23 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:41 pm

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