For the fitness-freaks who love to find news ways to either enhance their daily work out which could be something as simple as run on a treadmill or Jog by the sea, here are a couple of things that can add a little more value to your run.

One of the biggest names in the sports accessory business and possibly (it’s always a debate) one of the biggest names in mobile entertainment – Apple, we have the Nike+ set up. With inputs from Nike fitness trainer Ajinkya Kale, let’s take a closer look at this product.

What is Nike+
Nike fitness trainer Ajinkya Kale explains that Nike+ is not limited to the devices alone. “Nike+ helps runners and athletes monitor their run, their average pace, calories burnt and the distance they covered. It’s not just a gadget, but a worldwide community. With these Nike+ enabled devices, you can join the Nike+ community online. After that, you can compete with other runners across the world, set challenges and monitor you progress too.” The shoes have two variants – Nike Free Run+ and the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit.

Nike Free Run+

Nike Free Run+ is a range of Nike+ products crafted specially for those athletes who prefer to run without music. It consists of the Nike+ wrist band – the sensor for your Nike+ enabled shoes and the receiver.

The Nike+ iPod sport kit
Made for athletes who like to run with music to keep them company, the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit can be used with Nike+ enabled iPods or the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. It comes with all the devices mentioned in the Free Run+ kit but also includes a specially crafted receiver device. The receiver has to be plugged into the charging port of the music player to gather the running information.

How does it work
The first thing you need of course are a pair of is the Nike+ enabled shoes, indicated by the Nike+ logo located on the outsole of the shoes. Simply hold the sensor button for three seconds to turn it on. Once the sensor is on, lift the sock liner from the left shoe and place the sensor in the small pocket provided for it. After you replace the sock liner, your shoes are ready for your run. Once your shoes are ready, turn your attention towards the device. On the Nike+ device, press the center button for three seconds and begin your run after ‘RUN’ appears on the screen. Clip the device to your arm through the wristband. As you walk or run, the data is sent wirelessly from the sensor to the receiver device, where the data is recorded. The button at the base of the device lets you start, stop, and pause the information being sent during your run. A toggle button on the device enables you to check the details of your run on the device itself so you can track data while you’re running.

To recover your data from the device, just unplug it from your wristband and insert the device to the USB port of your computer. A free plug-in from helps you to upload the data directly from the device to your account on the website. You will be presented with a graph of your run on a daily basis, giving you a statistical analysis.

Using Nike+
The Nike+ range of products is not really recommended for beginners, these shoes and gadgets are perfect for fitness enthusiasts, runners and athletes who need to monitor their runs. You can use the shoes for regular use even without the gadgets; however it is recommended that you use the gadgets every time you run to get a better idea of your progress.

For details on the Nike+ community visit but the sensor chip is priced at Rs.2,000 and the shoes that are compatible with the same range from Rs. 5000 – Rs. 11,000. If you walk into a Nike store look for the Nike+ option or just ask the attendants.

Publish date: June 18, 2010 4:50 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:25 pm

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