A natural outcome of over dependence, uncalculated use of technology is strain building up on the muscles, which most of us these days are victims of, given our lifestyles. A report in Daily Mail now points out that more and more Apple iPad users are going in for treating strain related injuries, which medics claim are rising out of prolonged use of the tablet computer. Called the iPad hand, the condition is seeing several iPad users complaining of experiencing aches and pain in their hands, while holding the tablet, as well as in their fingers, once they're done typing on the screen and swiping, and worryingly individuals are being affected by these injuries, repetitively, over a period of usage. The report further points out that several patients have been approaching doctors, too, off late, complaining of arm and neck related injuries, which they say has arisen out of using the iPad for long hours, by placing it on their knees. 

You got the iPad hand? (Image credit: Getty Images)

You got the iPad hand? (Image credit: Getty Images)

Several reports, according to Daily Mail have been indicating at faulty postures being a result, too of prolonged use of the tablet. Medical conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome leading to fingers feeling seized, among other things, too have been reported, quite often, considering that most users use the iPad, while holding it with their left hand for better support. Cyndi Davis, author of an ergonomics internet blog, The Ergolab, in her statement, according to this report stated that, “It is very challenging finding a comfortable body posture while using the iPad.In my opinion it is not equipped for long-term typing activities. A body posture that does not cause injuries is almost impossible to maintain. Repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders account for one in three of all workplace injuries.

Several iPad users have been quoted in the Daily Mail report, describing the impact extended usage of the tablet has been having on their health. Users, here are complaining of experiencing pain in their shoulders and neck, suffering from posture problems, among others. 

Publish date: February 14, 2012 5:56 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:36 pm

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