Alfresco, the open platform for social content management, today announced the general availability of Alfresco Enterprise 4, delivering an intuitive, HTML5-enabled interface for social content collaboration, enhanced mobile access to enable enterprise tablet adoption with business productivity tools, like GoogleDocs, Microsoft Office and Quickoffice HD. In addition to this, Alfresco Enterprise 4 is the foundation for Alfresco in the cloud – a new cloud collaboration service by Alfresco. You can grab the free trial from here and the iOS app from here.

Better integration

Better integration

Alfresco is launching the first step in a new approach to content management that equips organizations to address the needs of today’s mobile, social and global workforce. Cloud connected content is content that is accessible from any device, able to be integrated and even synced with other cloud services, able to be published to cloud-based social sites, able to be shared inside or outside the firewall – and yet able to be managed and controlled by the enterprise. Legacy proprietary ECM vendors can’t deliver cloud connected content, because they are trapped in last-generation architectures and business models. Cloud-only upstarts can’t deliver cloud connected content because their one-size-fits-all, cloud-only approach and lack of rich metadata and workflow can’t meet the needs of complex organizations.

New Features in Alfresco Enterprise 4 Include:

  • New Mobile Device Support — Access and edit content from any device; smartphone, tablet, browser or through open standards like CMIS & WebDAV, enabling users to start processes, annotate documents, edit and save with just a few clicks or swipes
  • New Social Interactions — Document management gets social and more adopted as users can “like” content, “follow” other users and see content activity streams
  • New Productivity Apps — Use the productivity app of your choice, integrated with Alfresco; Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs, Apple iWork on iPad, Quickoffice HD, PDFExpert, Adobe Creative Suite and many more
  • New User Interface Functionality — Tap into the refined, modern browser UI with key HTML5 interactions like file drag & drop and move and previews of virtually any common file type (docs, videos, audio, Adobe files, iWork files, etc.)
  • New Publishing Channels — Connect and publish content to social media channels, such as YouTube, SlideShare, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr
  • New Cloud Use Cases — Collaborate with users outside the firewall with Alfresco in the cloud (in beta), while still maintaining control of your corporate content assets
  • New Scalability Options — Choose horizontal clusters, or run the Alfresco content server, Alfresco Share collaboration application and Alfresco Indexing server each on separate servers (physical or virtual) for high-performance applications
  • New Customization & Extensibility Options — Easily customize and extend the Alfresco Share application, with new configuration options and drop-in custom extensions; build your own mobile app with the open source Alfresco Mobile code
  • Significant Performance Improvements — 3x faster content uploads, 10x faster user dashboard queries, 25-50% faster loading document libraries and document metadata

Publish date: February 4, 2012 1:58 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:32 pm

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