has announced their Kindle Owners Lending Library. Kindle owners with Amazon Prime membership can borrow books from the vast Kindle collection for free, for as frequently as, a book a month. There will be no due dates for returning the books. The Lending Library service comes at no additional cost for Prime members. Other benefits that Prime members enjoy is free shipping, unlimited streaming of Amazon's movie collection and of course, now, borrowing books with their Kindle.

Kindle owners with Prime membership can now borrow books for free

Kindle owners with Prime membership can now borrow books for free

With this service, Kindle owners can borrow books from across various genres including fiction and non-fiction, and from various publishers on various terms. For the majority of titles, Amazon has reached an agreement with publishers to include titles for a fixed fee. In some cases, Amazon is purchasing a title each time it is borrowed by a reader under standard wholesale terms as a no-risk trial to demonstrate to publishers the incremental growth and revenue opportunity that this new service presents. 

When a user makes notes or highlights in a book that they borrow, they are saved and can be viewed again the next time they borrow the same book or if they ever decide to purchase the book. And when a user wants to borrow a new book, the old book can be returned right from their Kindle. For more information on Amazon's prime membership, including a free trial head to

Publish date: November 4, 2011 12:01 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:52 pm

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