The PC market hasn’t seen good times in the past year for a number of reasons – primarily the slowing economy around the world and also the Thailand flooding that affected the hard drive market. PC market growth has been marginal and it’s been no different for AMD, the only real competition to Intel. According to a news by the Times of India, AMD has recorded a growth of 36 percent in India, which is much higher than what the industry grew. Rory Read, AMD’s recently appointed CEO was in India and he spoke about how the Indian market would help improve AMD’s position. 

Enthusiast gamers can choose to setup SLI on the AMD platform

Enthusiast gamers can choose to setup SLI on the AMD platform

Rory Read feels that this performance can be boosted even more this year because of the amount of opportunities in the market. There’s also bound to be some rumours that suggest that Apple might opt for AMD’s solutions for its ultraslim MacBook Air notebook. Intel has only recently launched their Ultrabooks motion, that claims to offer performance, battery life and a very slim designed notebook for an affordable price. Apple had opted for Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform for the last MacBook Air. AMD is known to have a clear edge as far as integrated graphics performance is concerned. Read was previously working with Lenovo as Chief Operating Officer. 

AMD is banking on its Fusion technology present on most of its recent products as they offer graphics processing capabilities integrated into the processor itself. While Intel is hard at work trying to revive the PC market with Ultrabooks and also trying to get into the smartphone and tablet market, in time for Windows 8, AMD has no such drastic plans in the very future. Intel took a big step in the smartphone market today. Lava, one of the partners launched their first Medfield based phone called the XOLO 900. There are rumours on the other hand, that state that AMD may be showing some interest in buying MIPS, an architecture that competes with ARM, which is predominant in smartphones and tablets today.

Publish date: April 19, 2012 5:41 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:05 pm

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