Angry Birds Rio is here. And it looks fantastic. It comes with 60 new levels, divided into 'worlds' of 30 levels each. The first world is set in a basement and is called Smugglers' Den where the motive is to shoot the angry birds at the birds in the cages to free them (so no enemy per se here). The next world, called Jungle Escape, is a jungle where you have to kill monkeys (remember the pigs? Now it's monkeys). This world, set against the South American jungle looks amazing. The background is nicely layered and pops superbly when the game is played on the iPad. The next world will come in May.

Angry Birds Rio exclusive launch for Android on the Amazon Appstore

Welcome to the jungle

They've even done something interesting with the golden eggs. Instead of golden eggs, each world has 15 golden fruit. In the first world it's pineapples, in the second world it's bananas. There's an awards section where your fruit count is stacked. When you finish a world, you get an award in the awards section as well. Angry Birds Rio is available in the iOS App Store for $0.99 (approv Rs. 45) and in the Amazon App Store for Android for free (limited to today). There is also a free HD version for the iPad (available in the App Store) which has 6 levels in each world.

Publish date: March 22, 2011 2:48 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:29 pm

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