Apple event today: iPhone 5S to definitely have fingerprint scanner

By Staff /  10 Sep 2013 , 08:20

With just one day left for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S, it’s now pretty much confirmed that the iPhone 5S will indeed come with a fingerprint scanner on the Home Button.

Tech blog iPhoneinCanada put out high res images of an iPhone 5S retail box where users can clearly see details of a silver ring on the Home Button. Also notice that the home button is round in shape unlike previous versions of the iPhone. The website says that alleged photos of the iPhone 5S retail box were posted on Weibo by user DJMMao

Meanwhile Clayton Morris of Fox News has also claimed that he’s “unequivocally” sure that Apple’s iPhone 5S will come with a fingerprint sensor beneath the home button. He came on the Internet show This Week in Tech and confirmed the fingerprint scanner. Watch video here.

Image from
iPhone 5S retail box with fingerprint scanner. Image from

But perhaps the biggest piece of evidence has come from SonnyDickson, the Australian teen who’s been responsible for number of iPhone leaks. He has put out high-resolution image of the iPhone 5S button hardware.

Sonny Dickson says in his blog post, Notably, the sensors and flex cable bear a remarkably different design when compared to the iPhone 5 home button – and even previous supposed 5S part leaks.

He says he’d count on the fact that Apple’s new iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint scanner.

Also as this post on Apple Insider points out, evidence of the feature was also discovered in a beta version of iOS 7. The report says that a reference to a “Biometric Kit” and another describing an image of a person placing their thumb over the home button for “recognition” were found in iOS 7.

Apple is expected to launch two versions of the iPhone tomorrow. The iPhone 5S which is the high end model and will also come in a ‘gold’ champagne colour. The iPhone 5C which is the cheaper model and could come in five different colours.

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