Apple’s latest iTunes Match is slated for a launch, this Fall. However, the developers – lucky bunch that they are – will get their chance to play around with the yet-to-release cloud service. Apple is giving these developers an opportunity to try iTunes Match on their own music libraries. iTunes Match, a part of iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 was announced amidst much fanfare at the June-held, Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). iTunes Match will allow users to not only stream their choicest of songs, but also download them. Essentially, the service goes through a user’s music library, to look out for any unlicensed music (a CD rip, and not purchased from Apple). Once done, it looks into Apple’s own collection of songs to see if the song in question is available. If it is, then Match would provide them with the same track, but a licensed one. 

Make your Match

Make your Match

According to a 9to5 Mac report, the test version that is being rolled out will be made available to the developers for free before the launch for which they would need to have the latest beta of iOS 5, and a new beta version of iTunes 10.5. Along with it, an additional 3 months without any costs whatsoever is also being offered. The iTunes Match service otherwise is a yearly service, for a $24.99 per annum and looks at as many as 25,000 songs from the user’s library. 

So, while the developer’s enjoy some privileges, the rest of us would have to rub hands waiting in anticipation of Fall!

Publish date: August 30, 2011 1:29 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:25 pm

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