Apple’s new iOS 7 is out today for download. Here’s everything you need to know about updating to the new software.

Compatibility: iOS 7 will support iPhone 4 and later, ipad 2 and higher, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch fifth generation. So for everyone with an iPod 4th generation, sorry the update is not for you. Of course iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be launched with iOS 7 .

How to upgrade: To update go to settings, click on software update, hit download and install and pray that the Apple servers don’t disappoint you. Do note that you will need WiFi to the update. Alternately you can connect your iPad/iPhone to your Mac/Windows device and update via iTunes. You will need the latest version of iTunes for the update.

Closing apps:Apple’s iOS 7 is all about swiping. To close apps, you don’t have to go to the bottom bar anymore. To see the task manager, simply swipe in the centre of your iPad (bottom to top and with four fingers) and the task manager will appear. To close an app, just swipe the app to the top and it will disappear. To close an app while you are using it, you can still pinch to close.

Of course you can still move between apps that are already open by just swiping to the left or right with four fingers.

Apple's iOS 7 is here.
Apple’s iOS 7 is here.

Camera:You can now access the camera via the locked screen. Just swipe camera symbol at the bottom right corner of your device to the top of the your device screen. Once you do that the camera is ready for use. To switch from Photo to Video mode you will have to slide up and down on the options instead of clicking. Remember no click, just slide.

Control Center:This is available even in lock screen mode. Just swipe the bottom of your screen and the panel will appear. You can set mute alarms, switch on AirPlane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, Camera, Clock, adjust screen brightness, volume, music all from the Control Center. It’s pretty convenient.

Notifications:The Notification Centre is still on top. It will give details about new mail, missed calls, etc. It also has a new feature called ‘Today’ which will give users a summary of everything they have lined up for the day. Users can also access the Notification Center from any screen, including the Lock screen by swiping down.

Search iPad:Just swipe down from anywhere on the iPad with three fingers. The search bar will appear on top.

Photos:Photos are now organised according to moments aka when and where they were taken. The albums are according to date and can be organised according to year as well. Also to share photos, look at the bottom left, you’ll see a little rectangle with an arrow. Click on that and choose the share option. Apple’s done a good job hiding that option.

Publish date: September 19, 2013 7:26 am| Modified date: September 19, 2013 7:26 am

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