Apple has released the third iteration of the beta version of iOS 7 to developers. One of the most important changes to iOS 7 is the default font.

iOS 7 which was originally using the Helvetica Neue Light has now gone for the Helvetica Neue (Regular) The light version of the font was much harder to read on the iPhone, something that was criticised and pointed out by designers and developers alike.

Apple it seems has responded to this by subtly changing the font and making it more readable.

iOS 7 in this screengrab.
iOS 7 in this screengrab.

Meanwhile 9to5Mac has reported that Apple could be working one a new camera feature called ‘Mogul’ mode which could allow users to capture video at very fast rates, nearly 120-frames per second FPS). The 120 FPS rate allows users to shoot ultra-clear videos and is standard for Ultra-HDTVs.

The report adds that the code and evidence for the feature have been located in iOS 7, but it is not clear whether iPhone 5S will have the 120FPS feature.

Publish date: July 10, 2013 11:03 am| Modified date: July 10, 2013 11:03 am

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