So Apple’s new iPhone has been launched and it boasts of a range of new features. Here’s a brief rundown on all of them that are part of the iOS5.

First up, as part of the new OS is the Cards app, which, as the name suggests, let’s you make your own greeting cards. Press the print button and mail it and Apple will print it on ‘high quality 100% cotton paper’. It will also support push notification on mail delivery through UPS. Cost? A cool 5$ anywhere in the world.

Next up is the Location-aware Reminders app. Also, there are notifications that can be viewed from the top by swiping down.

Then there's iMessage which is BBM for iOS, basically. It allows instant chat between users from different Apple devices. There’s deep integration for Twitter as well, and it’s been integrated into most of the built-in apps.

As part of the features, now users can get to the camera from the lock screen. Adding grid lines is also possible, along with pinch to zoom and setting of auto exposure and auto focus to lock. Going to the camera app has become easier as well, with users having to simply double-tap on the home button. Newsstands will allow reading on the go with subscriptions to GQ, Allure, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times and so on.

Notifications have been included as well

Notifications have been included as well

iCloud syncs between iOS devices so you save once and access from everywhere. Users can download and re-download your music or media anytime and on any device. Documents in the Cloud mean your docs get pushed as well. The same applies to contacts across all devices and calendar events.

Next up is the Find My Friends app that quickly and easily sees the locations of those who've opted to share their location with you. You can also invite friends to share their location for a limited time. As Cook explained, “Now, when I’m in Disneyland, I can see where my family is.”
Apple will also provide 5 GB free cloud storage for mail documents, songs and backup. The camera has improved face detection, better white balance and it takes super-fast photos.

Newsstand will allow you to read on-the-go

Newsstand will allow you to read on-the-go

Next up, is the main feature of iOS 5. Siri technology, or in simple words, advanced speech-to-text. While unveiling it, Cook mentioned that, “For decades technologists have teased us with this dream that we can talk to our technology. But it’s never come true! It’s such a let-down! What we really want to do is just talk to our device!”

For example, you can ask Siri about the weather “What is the weather like today?” Siri: “Here is the weather for today_____”
“Wake me up tomorrow at 6am.” Siri responds “Okay, I set it for 6am.”
“What time is it in Paris?” Siri responds: “The time in Paris, France is 8:16pm.” Siri also brings up a live clock.
“How many days are there until Christmas?” Siri says: “82 days.”
“Define mitosis.” Siri shows the definition through WolframAlpha.

iMessage - similar to BBM for BlackBerry users is a part of iOS5

iMessage – similar to BBM for BlackBerry users is a part of iOS5

Siri can basically assist you in meetings, emails, directions, weather, stocks, looking up contacts, creating notes and so on. Lastly, it works on Wi-Fi and 3G. Siri will automatically reply to texts with your spoken messages and set calendar appointments. Scott created a reminder, “Remind me to call my wife when I leave work.” Siri asks to confirm and makes the reminder. Siri already had an idea about his wife and therefore, set up a geofence around work. Finally, he wrapped up the iOS5 announcement by asking Siri “who are you?” To which he gets a reply, “I am your humble personal assistant.”

The iOS 5 alongwith iCloud will be available from October 12. So, that pretty much wraps up everything for the iOS5. What do you think? Is Apple's latest offering more on the evolutionary side, or revolutionary side? Let us know in the comments section below.

Publish date: October 5, 2011 1:42 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:38 pm

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