The event is now over. We’ll have more details on this tomorrow. At the end of the presentation they showed a URL — — which is currently not working.

12.05 am Chris Cox to talk about mobile consistency. Chat tray will get more prominent on Desktop.

He says, the Web experience inspired by mobile designs. The website on PC/Desktop now looks a lot more like it does on your tablet or phone.

The new Design will roll out on the web today. Only a small amount of people will get it in the first place.

12.00 am: Different types of News Feeds are here. Tech Lead Chris Struhar is showing off the new content based.

The top of the page has a switcher with a list of feeds. Mobile will also have this option of different feeds.

Music Feed will show concerts, photos of your favourite artists and what your friends are listening to.

Photos Feed will show every single photo that your friends share and those shared by the pages you liked on Facebook.

Following Feed will show all the content from the public figures you follow.

11.55 pm Events get much prominence with Thumbnails. Videos will get really big on Timeline. Say goodbye to that small tiny video box that appears when you share a video link.

Facebook will also give more prominence to third-party apps.

11.50 pm Product design manager Julie Zhou is now on stage talking about the new design. Pictures are going to be a whole more important in the new News Feed.

Photo Albums will also get a facelift on the News Feed.

Links will get a longer summary, Logo of the publisher in the corner, a bigger thumbnail for prominence.

Timeline elements such as cover photos will now be visible in the Timeline. So say every time someone adds a new friend or likes a new restaurant, you will see the cover photo for their/that place’s page.

11.45 pm Zuckerberg unveils the new design. Photos are much more prominent and the mobile News Feed has also changed.

11.40 pm News feed supports such a broad range of content. According to Zuckerberg, News Feed is now all about photos and visual content.

It’s not longer about text. According to Zuckerberg, 50 percent all content on News Feed is visual content.

11.30 pm Ok so, the event has begun and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is on stage. He’s talking about how the News feed is like a personalised newspaper. “It should be more socially relevant and be more personalised.”

11.15 pm: The event will begin any minute. For Facebook, this design change is crucial. Remember it now has over a billion users and it is a publicly traded company. Facebook has to generate more revenue to impress its investors.

Advertisements are definitely going to be the key in this redesigned News Feed but Facebook also has to make sure that user engagement is not affected.

10.42 pm On top is the official Facebook feed for the event. Pretty soon, Facebook will show off a new look for the much used, News feed. Follow our live blog for all the latest updates.

The event starts in half an hour.

According to TechCrunch’s Josh Constine, These include a Photos feed of Facebook and Instagram photos, as well as a revamped Music feed of what friends are listening to, concerts, and new albums, according to multiple sources both within and close to Facebook. Larger images and image-based ads in the web and mobile feeds are coming too.

Representational Image. Getty Images.
Representational Image. Getty Images.

What this means that you can now choose to concentrate on the kind of content that you are most interested in, instead of being bombarded with content from apps, or random status messages from friends who are not that close to you.

Of course privacy settings will be a nightmare in this new News Feed.

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