According to the latest ‘State of Internet’ report by Akamai, an enterprise cloud platform provider, Asia enjoys the fastest Internet speeds in the world. On the flip side though, Asia is also the biggest source of cyber attack traffic. 

The report provides insights into the average connection speed, average peak connection speed, broadband adoption as well as the cyber attack traffic. Not surprisingly, South Korea topped the charts when it came to connection speed, with highest average speed of 14.7 Mbps. It was followed by Japan with 10.7 Mbps and Hong Kong with 8.9 Mbps. However, when it came to the average peak connection, it was Hong Kong that emerged the leader with mindboggling speeds of 54 Mbps. South Korea and Japan didn’t fare bad either, with average peak connection speed of48.8 Mbps and 42.2 Mbps, respectively.  

Internet connection speed across countries. Data: Akamai

Internet connection speed across countries. Data: Akamai

On the other hand, United States registered an average connection speed of 7.2 Mbps and average peak connection speed of 29.6 Mbps. While in United Kingdom, the average connection speeds were found to be 6.3 Mbps and the average peak connection speeds were found to be 28.1 Mbps. And if you were wondering where India stood compared to other countries, then you shouldn’t be too surprised to know that India doesn’t boast of great connection speed.

The statistics for India were rather bleak; the average connection speed in India was found to be 1 Mbps while the average peak connection speeds stood at 8 Mbps. Both of these are far below the global average, which are 2.8 Mbps for average connection speeds and 15.9 Mbps for average peak connection speeds.     

The report also provided data on mobile connectivity. In the third quarter of 2012, average connection speeds ranged from a high of 7.8 Mbps to a low of 324 kbps, whereas the average peak connection speed ranged from 39.2 Mbps down to 2.8 Mbps. It also provided statistics on popular mobile browsers – it was Android webkit which emerged on top followed by Apple’s mobile Safari.

Interestingly, the report also provided data on the cyber attack traffic, which turned to be in sync with the connection speeds. As per the report, the countries with higher Internet speeds were the ones from where most of the cyber attacks originated. China attributed to 33 percent of all the attack traffic monitored in third quarter of 2012.

The data was gathered from across the Akamai Intelligent Platform about attack traffic, broadband adoption, mobile connectivity and other relevant topics concerning the Internet and its usage.

Publish date: January 24, 2013 2:59 pm| Modified date: December 19, 2013 7:19 am

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