Aquilonis, a mobile technology company based out of Boston, USA and Bangalore, India has released their latest software offering, XBLOCKR, to the public. The mobile phone privacy software, built for Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, is currently available in few mobile applications marketplaces.

XBLOCKR provides the ability to Duck, Drop or Divert a call on the fly, so users can exercise their privacy. Based on a user's contact list and call history, a user can specify calls from specific numbers to Duck, Drop or Divert.

Ducking an incoming call will disconnect the call. If you have configured your voicemail box, the caller will be directed there. Dropping an incoming call will simulate a network error and end the call. The call will be automatically picked up for a moment and then disconnected. Diverting allows calls to be sent to another number and the user can send a text message back to the caller as well.

There is a 'Do not disturb' feature, which when on, will duck all incoming calls unless the user has listed it as a 'Special Number'.

The software is available for a free trial on Symbian (Nokia), Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms, and it covers a wide range of mobile handset models. Users can try real time call management privacy features before deciding to purchase the full service. More versions for other platforms will be released soon.

Publish date: February 9, 2010 11:37 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:04 pm

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