You’ve heard about them a million times by now but rumours regarding the next iterations of both the Xbox360 and the PS3 have been put down before they really gather steam. Reigniting this rumour mongering today is none other than Bethesda, the game development studio famous for the Elder Scrolls series.

Just what do they know?

Just what do they know?

According to website CVG, Bethesda have posted a job opening looking for people to work on games for “future-generation consoles”. Applicants of course must possess “extensive experience with PS3 and 360 development”.

At this point in time, speculation is all we have to fall back on and if we were to guess, the applicant would probably work on a next gen version of Bethesda's Fallout or Skyrim series. Of course, we could be totally off track and Bethesda could be gearing up for a new IP on next gen consoles. For now unfortunately all we can do is wait and keep a keen ear to the ground hoping that something, somewhere will be announced at E3 2012.

Publish date: February 29, 2012 9:21 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:43 pm

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