Bharat is on bandh in protest against the rising petrol prices and as always, the Twitter community gathers together to either voice their opinions, offer updates on situations in the city or just simply make jokes. Twitter, of course, is a very effective tool to get short quick messages out there, as seen in many crisis situations and popular events. Be it concerts, elections or entire revolutions, Twitter users come alive, add a hashtag or two and make their voices heard. The hashtag du jour is #bandh and tweets span multiple genres of today's event.

Shutters down for Bharat #bandh

Shutters down for Bharat #bandh (Image credit)

Some users commented on the bandh using an economic platform:

@calamur says: and yes. i am so impressed with the Genius that thought that the best way to deal with an economic crisis is a bandh… what brilliance

@mithunk says: Oh people, by the way, the markets will plummet today. #DownDownDown

The jokes that twitter users are making on the bandh are more or less just comments on how conveniently empty the roads are or how they get to skip work today. However, there are a few notable jokes worth mentioning.

@nikhilchawla says: I hope #bandh doesn't play foul in the #SGS3 launch event. @Samsung_India (we like the tech angle there)

@nixxin says: The only thing #bandh till now were my eyes. #yawn

@madmanweb says: The company that comes up with a flame resistant design for buses will make a killing in India.

In another tweet, @madmanweb said: We all know that buses are the root of all evil and must be burned as much as possible.

@rajeshtahil says: we 40-somethings should apologise to you 20-somethings, we lied to you about how India was shaping up #oops #bandh

@khamba says: Everytime a protestor burns a tyre, a slum kid loses a toy

Some users offer opinions that differ from the usual “What will the bandh achieve”. Don't get us wrong, they're still anti-bandh. But they're a step or two ahead from mob mentality.

@pradx says: The bandh is as much a result of a non functioning opposition as a non functioning government in a democracy.

@NewtonLewis says: People are protesting the rise in fuel prices by using fuel to burn public transport. And then they wonder why prices rise. #bandh

Tweets are coming in from all over India. While the majority currently seem to be from Mumbai, we have a few interesting inputs from Twitterers in different corners.

@WHYRaj says: Reporting live from Kerala, third bandh of the week, couldnt care less if it was an All Asia #Bandh

@SandipGhose says: #Kolkata Airport operations normal. No flight cancellations. A big “poriborton” from before shall we say? #Bandh

@sakisaki1 says: Kannada marriage happening next to my place #Bangalore #bandh Ki aisi taisi

And as usual, there is the usual “Hey politicians, you suck” theme.

@unusualrant says: Thank you @sushmaswarajbjp and the entire #BJP for proving that you are as uncaring as #congress by creating ruckus using the #bandh excuse.

@Palsule says: Dear BJP, please let us know when you are going to pay for repairing all the damage you've caused to public transport. #Bandh #Pune

If you're angry about the bandh or just have an opinion on it, continue your rant in the comments section below.

Publish date: May 31, 2012 10:59 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:24 pm

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