Cadbury's chocolate, the reason behind 75 percent of this reporter's cavities has taken its appreciation for Google+ to a whole new level. They previously used Google+ to launch Dairy Milk Bubbly. Now, in appreciation of their 5,00,000 'circler' or fan, they've created an edible rendition of their Google+ page made with their own chocolate. The page is built upon a layer of Dairy Milk and the details of the page are made with Cadbury Dream and more Dairy Milk. Sugar paper was used, painted with edible ink, to get the intricate details of the page like the various buttons, tabs and photos of their fans. All the pieces were held together by more Dairy Milk (fans of Dairy Milk, this is like a never ending supply!).

Delicious social networking

Delicious social networking

According to Mashable, the company also hosted a Google+ Hangout where they showed the finishing touches being made to the chocolate. The pictures of the making of this delicious company page is on their Google+ page and the video of the Hangout is embedded below.


Google+ launched profile pages for companies, back in November of last year, but more companies seemed to focus on their presence on Facebook, more than on Google's social network. Cadbury's Google+ event is one of the first marketing ploys made via Google+. The previous marketing ploy that Cadbury's made on Google+, as mentioned earlier, was the launch of Dairy Milk Bubbly, however this was not a Google+ exclusive launch. The chocolatier also used Twitter to launch the new product. Now, who's sweet tooth is growling for some Cadbury's?

Publish date: March 15, 2012 10:12 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:49 pm

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