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Now, build your own Lego structures on Google Chrome

Now, build your own Lego structures on Google Chrome

By Nishtha Kanal /  03 Feb 2014 , 10:30

No matter how old you are, you will always remain a Lego fan. The good folks over at Google seem to share the same sentiment and have released a virtual Lego playground for you to build and while away your time on the Web.

The project is called Build with Chrome and will let you play around with Lego pieces and build your dream figurines and architecture. In a blog post announcing the online playground, Google explained that the website used to be a closed experiment, built by a team in Australia. The experiment phase is finally over and wherever you are in the world, you will be able to play with virtual plastic bricks.

Build with Chrome has another twist to it. The project uses Google Maps to make the world a virtual playground. You can build your beautiful buildings pretty much anywhere in the world now. You can even browse through locations to see what other people have created. Of course, since this is a Google product, it has a Google+ twist to it. With the tool, you will be able to see what your friends have built. There’s also the option to filter and sort specific types of structures with completed builds.

To get started, you can explore the Build Academy which happens to be a series of short tutorials and challenges to help you build better. These lessons will feature characters and structures from the upcoming The Lego Movie. Like the name suggests, you will need to use Google Chrome in order to start building with Lego. You can also use Chrome for Android support on WebGL on your smartphones and tablets to build, but they need to support “high-end graphics capabilities”.

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