CES, being the big daddy of all technology shows on the globe, sees the largest number of products being announced, launched and displayed. The number of products launched are purely mindboggling and we’ve seen everything, from the extremely expensive TVs to the cheapest of iPhone covers being shown off. Obviously, digital cameras were also part of the show and the photography enthusiasts didn’t miss out on any of the launches. We present to you a compilation of some of the hottest cameras that were unveiled at CES 2011.

DSLRs weren’t so much the focus of the show. Although there were many anticipating some important launches from Sony and specifically the much rumoured Sony Alpha DSLR codenamed the A77, those following the CES 2011 launches were disappointed to see nothing come out of it. That didn’t dampen the excitement built up over the weeks though, as the show saw plenty of action in the point-and-shoot digital camera segment.

Fujifilm FinePix X100
Although Fujifilm isn’t the most popular brand in the circle of enthusiast and professional photographers, there was one camera that was making the news through the days. The Fujifilm FinePix X100 is a completely unique camera in many ways, with its design being the obvious one. It’s been designed to look like an old film camera. Fujifilm claims to have kept professionals in mind by accurately position all of its controls, to minimize hassle. The body is a magnesium alloy one and most of it is covered with a leather-like material. The dials on most cameras are made of plastic, but on the X100, they’re all metallic.

Fujifilm's classically designed X100

Even the rear of the camera has the same classic camera look to it, but there’s really no way to hide the LCD screen. One of the unique features would be the dedicated RAW shooting mode button. A 12 MP AFS-C size sensor will be reside at the heart of the X100. It’s turning out be a great camera and we can’t wait to get our hands on it when it comes out.

Casio TRYX

Casio is another brand that’s present in India, but is somewhat difficult to find. That doesn’t mean we’re not eager to see what they’re coming out with this year, though. The highlight from Casio was clearly their TRYX point and shoot camera, which is out to capture photos, minds and dropping jaws. Casio claims the TRYX has a radical design and there’s no denying there’s nothing like it. It’s really slim at just .59-inches in thickness and it weighs no more than 157g.

Casio's compact, yet feature packed TRYX

The TRYX packs in features and performance as well; a 12.1 MP CMOS sensor which should take great photos and also record 1080p videos. One of the unique features is the slow motion recording mode which requires you to reduce the resolution to 432 x 320, but that allows for higher frame rates of 240 fps, and that in turn allows slow motion recording which is something very few cameras do.

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