In addition to the announcement of the Xperia S, Sony has announced the launch of three new Smart Extras accessories for their Android smartphones. These accessories aim to enhance the user experience on Android, whilst bringing content to consumers' smartphones in an entirely new way. Here are the details:

The SmartWatch and the Wireless Headset

The SmartWatch and the Wireless Headset

Smart Wireless Headset pro 

This Bluetooth stereo headset for Android smartphones offer multifunctional features, in addition to its music features. On the display of Smart Wireless Headset pro users can read text messages, see incoming calls and access calendar notifications as well. When detached from the phone, it functions as a standalone MP3 player and radio.


Xperia SmartTags 

Xperia SmartTags work with any NFC-enabled smartphone, including the Xperia S. Simply touch a NFC- enabled smartphone to a SmartTag, which is the shape and size of a small round token, and it launches a pre-configured profile in the phone, such as the alarm clock for a SmartTag by your bed or a GPS application for the SmartTag in your car. These profiles can be easily personalized to reflect any taste and are designed to save consumers time and make their smartphone lives easier.


SmartWatch is a micro display accessory for communicating with an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Consumers can, for example, discreetly access text messages, social media updates and manage calls or music. The display is mounted on a strap and can be worn as a watch. Applications allowing users to personalize their SmartWatch experience will be made available on the Android market.

Publish date: January 10, 2012 5:58 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:20 pm

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