If US President Donald Trump’s tweets were not enough, here comes a ‘bot’ that formats his tweets as official White House statements — enough to jolt administrative officials who have tried to downplay Trumps Twitter habits.

Activist and coder Russel Neiss has designed a Twitter bot called “@RealPressSecBot” that formats Trump tweets into official statements. “The bot simply sees the last several Trump tweets, compares those recent tweets against the list that it maintains to confirm whether or not the bot has seen it before,” Neiss was quoted as saying in Vox.com on Tuesday. “If it hasn’t seen this tweet before, it takes the text from that tweet and pushes it through an image processor to get the format and then posts it back onto Twitter,” Neiss added.

What the creator loves about this bot is that considering that it is simply modifying the format, it is truly neutral. According to Neiss, he got the idea from ex-Obama administration employee Pat Cunnane who tweeted out his own mockup of a presidential statement last week after Trump tweeted about the London terror attack.

Neiss’ objective is to bring more attention to the fact that “these tweets are not merely tweets but presidential statements delivered on Twitter. The bot just simply calls Twitter’s API (application processing interface) to say, show me the last several Donald Trump tweets, and it compares those recent tweets against the list that it maintains to make sure it’s seen it before or hasn’t seen it before,” Neiss told Vox.com.

“Then what it says is, if I haven’t seen this tweet before, take the text from this tweet and push it through this image library, this image processor, to get the nice format and then post it back onto Twitter. At its core, it’s pretty straightforward,” he added.

Publish date: June 7, 2017 4:27 pm| Modified date: June 7, 2017 8:22 pm

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