MSI is once again challenging future technologies with various concept products displayed in the 2010 COMMPUTEX Taipei. With an array of product lines on NB, All-in-One PC, motherboards and graphic cards to include 3D, WiMAX and Car PC with MOD systems, MSI is going to exhibit more this year, encompassing the most popular e-book, cloud computing and tablet PC technologies, in particular, highlights will include MSI various innovative technologies and stylish designs that are recognized and awarded by COMMPUTEX.

MSI Wind Pad tablet PC – a touch of new technology living
MSI Wind Pad adopts Intel latest power-saving CPU platform, with 8+ hours of battery power, a mere 800 grams in weight , and a built-in 3G and WiFi wireless transfer, plus GPS, USB and HDMI ports as well as Web Cam; all of which made it an ultimate 10” mobile internet device. Apart from comprehensive functional and mobility, the preloaded Windows 7 operating system could be handled within your finger tips by means of the Wind Pad multi-touch control technology that touches also the hearts of wireless urban entertainment users.

All new 3D gaming experiences – the new Wind 3D Armor
2D visuals are no more the only gaming way, MSI offers breakthrough technologies on 3D gaming experience is seen to be mainstream in future. Wind 3D Armor is designated for serious gamers to integrate 3D visuals, communication and sounds, all in one device. Wind 3D Armor featured with shutter glasses, wireless over-the–ear headphones and wireless signal transmission technology offer ultimate 3D audiovisual experience, enabling gamers to immerse themselves in the gaming field to battle baddies with remote teammates seamlessly in real time. The combine of shutter 3D image tech and wireless headphone system together present real 3D experiences and conveniences for gamers.

Publish date: May 31, 2010 4:17 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:21 pm

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