The party (Computex 2011) hasn’t even started and there’s already announcement of the massive scale being made. NVIDIA decided to go ahead and announce two new mobile GPUs for notebooks. Rene Haas, general manager for notebook products said that the GTX560 with the NVIDIA Optimus technology would deliver 50 fps in Duke Nukem Forever as well as five hours of battery life in Microsoft Office.

GeForce GT 520MX - a graphics solution for the masses

GeForce GT 520MX – a graphics solution for the masses

NVIDIA’s Optimus technology is known for switching between integrated graphics and the discrete graphics solution depending on the performance requirement of the application. The new GPUs like all the other in GeForce 500 family are DirectX 11 compliant. The GTX560M will support NVIDIA CUDA, PhysX as well as 3D Vision. There’s also support for SLI, which means notebook manufacturers have the option to couple two cards together to get even more performance. For the lower end of the notebook market, NVIDIA launched the GT 520M GPU which is an entry-level, affordable solution. NVIDIA said that Alienware and Toshiba would be some of the manufacturers offering notebooks with the new GTX 560M GPU and Optimus technology. ASUS and Samsung would soon be offering notebooks with the cheaper GeForce GT 520MX solution.

Publish date: May 30, 2011 6:03 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:55 pm

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