Windows 8 is here, and so far the verdict seems to be that although it is initially confusing and requires a fairly steep learning curve, the system is very good, and definitely worth the extra time you will have to spend in getting used to it.

Here we summarise a few critical verdicts on the radical new Operating System, on which the future of Microsoft is riding.

Walt Mossberg, the renowned tech writer for All Things D summarises his detailed review by saying, “Microsoft deserves credit for giving Windows a new, modern face. And the company will surely please existing users by maintaining the old one and the ability to run older apps. But the combination will require re-learning the most familiar computing system on the planet.”


Jon Phillips of PC World agrees that the switch will require a steep learning curve, but argues that on tablets at least, the new Windows OS completely outshines Apple’s iOS6.

He says, “Windows 8 tablets are the real deal, people, and their unique charms tie directly back to the new OS. Now, make no mistake: Navigating the Windows 8 touch interface involves a steep learning curve. But as with many vexing software interfaces (think Photoshop or Excel), great power is often locked within seemingly inscrutable UIs.”

Alex Williams from TechCrunch believes that the system is optimal for adoption by big businesses, saying thatMicrosoft got the user experience right with the tiles and the Metro-style UI.

Despite the largely positive critical reviews however, the early consumer verdicts seem to be of frustration than excitement.

Nick Wingfield of the New York Times talks to some first time users who say that the unfamiliar operating system has made them feel ‘stupid’, ‘flummoxed’ and computer illiterate, which begs thequestion Will legions of users brought up on a steady diet of traditional Windows, be ready to let go of the comfortingly familiar and dive into a world of live tiles, no start buttons and colourful displays?

Only time will tell.

Publish date: October 22, 2012 10:55 am| Modified date: October 22, 2012 10:55 am

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