Datawind leads India’s tablet market in Q1 of 2013

By Staff /  06 Jun 2013 , 10:10

According to a new report by CyberMedia Research, Datawind leads India’s tablet market, followed by Micromax and Apple for Q1 of 2013. The report highlights that Indians don’t appear to be brand crazy when it comes to tablets and Apple is the only international brand that figures in Top 3 vendors.

The report says that a total of 905,000 Tablets were shipped in the quarter but only nine vendors shipped in significant volumes of more than 20,000 units during the period. Clearly India’s tablet market has a long way to go before it sees a higher volume of shipments. While shipments of tablets in the India market registered overall growth of158.96 percent year-on-year (Q1 2013 to Q1 2012), quarter-on-quarter comparisons indicated a fall of 17.57 percent. In Q4 of 2012, the tablet shipments stood at 1,097,902.

Datawind's Ubislate tablet. Screengrab.
Datawind’s Ubislate tablet. Screengrab.

According to the research, Datawind has a 15.3 percent market share of the Indian market, while Micromax has a 12.3 percent market share and Apple stood at number 3 with a 11.7 percent market share.

The Datawind share does not include shipments of the Aakash tablet. Other than Aakash, Datawind had also launchedUbiSlate tabletsstarting at Rs 3,799.

The CyberMedia Research adds that between them, the top five vendors have a 58.9 percent market share, though it does not mention the other two top vendors in the list.

Commenting on the results, Faisal Kawoosa, Lead Analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice stated, “Although the 1Q CY 2013 Tablet shipment numbers are marginally lower compared to 4Q CY 2012, but this is not a substantial gap and may be attributed to seasonality. The country continued to witness Tablet shipments of more than 10,000 units a day during the quarter, which is a reason to cheer.”

Dwelling on individual vendor performances, Tarun Pathak, Analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice said, “Datawind and Micromax have figured amongst the Top 3 India Tablet vendors since 4Q CY 2012, while Apple was No 2 for CY 2012. These players continued to maintain their leadership ranks during 1Q CY 2013. This trend points to a sort of polarization of India Tablet user segments – one set looks primarily for performance and best-in-class build quality and typically opts for the high-end Apple iPad, while the other segment looks for a wide range of features at an affordable price point and opts for brands like Datawind and Micromax.”

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