Datawind, the makers of the infamous Aakash, has tied up with GetJar to pre-install the GetJar app store on all Datawind produced tablets. This feature will allow Datawind tablet users to access the app store and through it, thousands of free applications. GetJar's app store givers users access to over 3,50,000 free applications for their Android based devices, many of which are paid apps in competing Android app stores, from over 3,95,000 registered developers. The way GetJar pays their bills is advertising – developers pay GetJar for placing their applications in the App Store, and therefore the cost to the consumer gets subsidized. GetJar says that this feature is important especially in Indian markets where online payment methods are few and unreliable.

GetJar will now be on the Aakash, the Ubislate and other Datawind devices

GetJar will now be on the Aakash, the Ubislate and other Datawind devices

DataWind CEO, Suneet Singh Tuli said, “GetJar is an established partner with a very large selection of free applications that users can download onto their UbiSlate or Aakash tablets. We’re excited by the added value this brings to our end users.” Chris Dury, GetJar’s CEO adds “Low-cost tablets open the capabilities of applications and the Internet for millions of people. We are happy to help Datawind make free applications and our GetJar Gold program available to these new tablet customers.”

GetJar Gold is a loyalty program that rewards users with free apps and virtual goods. The app store boasts of over 2 billion application downloads till date. As for Datawind, Tech2 met with the company's CEO, Suneet Singh Tulli for a one on one on an Anatomy of a Tablet. Tulli clears the air of the recent controversies surrounding the Aakash, including the fact that the tablet has only reached 366 students. Tulli explained that by saying that Datawind has not received pre-orders for the Aakash and distributing the already sold Aakash is the government's responsibility. Datawind is currently in the process of providing IIT Rajasthan with 100 test units of the Aakash II, which they're hoping for a May release.

Publish date: April 25, 2012 10:33 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:07 pm

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