Day nine of download4u's March Madness sale is here, and the headlining game for today is Battlefield 3. The massive-scaled multiplayer FPS is up for grabs at a 40 percent discount, which brings its price down from Rs 1,499 to Rs 899. If you already own the game and just want a subscription to Battlefield 3 Premium, you can grab that at a 40 percent discount as well, which brings its price down from Rs 2,699 to Rs 1619. If you want both the game as well as the service, you can grab it for Rs 1979, as opposed to its original price of Rs 3,299.

The other major headlining game up for grabs is the two-year-old multiplayer FPS Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game is available at a 50 percent discount, which brings its price down from Rs 1,499 to Rs 749. The casual games up for grabs include Dungeons for Rs 239, Coffee Break 2 for Rs 89, Destination Treasure Island for Rs 158 and SBK 09 for Rs 159.

Battlefield 3 Premium is now at a 70 percent discount

Battlefield 3 Premium is now at a 40 percent discount

Game4u is also giving away a ton of cool prizes every day. The prizes range from gaming gear from Razer and SteelSeries as well as offers from AVG and Tata Docomo. The top two downloaders have a chance to win a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 gaming keyboard—one of the best gaming keyboards available in the market—and the SteelSeries Flux Headset at the end of the March Madness campaign.

Yesterday, the headlining game was Dark Souls, which was available at a 30 percent discount. Other than that, there was strategy game Star Wars: Empire at War at a 40 percent discount and third person action game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed at a 50 percent discount. Alongside this, Obsidian's hack-and-slash RPG Dungeon Siege and Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted were on sale at a 40 percent discount. The casual games of the day included Dead Block, Public Enemies: Bonny & Clyde and Iron Storm.

The day before's headlining games were drift-based racing game Ridge Racer Unbounded and takedown-based Burnout Paradise at discounts of 40 percent each. Alongside these, there was the disappointing FPS Duke Nukem Forever, the stellar World War II-era strategy game by Relic Company of Heroes, Ceville, Robin Hood, Journey to the Moon and Hollywood – Extended Edition.

And before that, the headlining game was Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition, which was selling at a 50 percent discount, alongside Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare going at 40 percent discounts each. Other games included casual titles like Imperium Romanum Gold, Napoleons Campaign and Superstars V8 Racing.

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