Drunk with power: iPad mini sparks spoof ads on YouTube

By Staff /  31 Oct 2012 , 14:54

The iPad mini which was launched by Apple last week is a big hit already with the white colour version of the device getting sold out on pre-order some 20 minutes after it opened. For more on that read the piecehere.

But that hasn’t stopped people from taking a dig at the new device and mocking it. The first is this YouTube video, titled Banned iPad mini promo.

This is a rip-off from classic Apple ads about products which often feature designers, software developers, etc talking about the product.

The spoof follows the same format and starts with Jony Five ( mocking Jonathan Ive who’s the head of design for all Apple products) talking about how the iPad mini is not as small as the iPod Touch and that it is not the iPod Touch even though they have the same processor.

The ad is laced with sarcasm with comments like Thinnest iPad yet, surprise, surprise, but it doesn’t have Retina Display and Doesn’t have an eight megapixel camera like the iPhone 5 or 4S but neither does the iPad 4. Take whatever you can.

The iPad mini with the iPad 4. Getty Images.

The spoof does a good job of showing how the iPad mini might be a little over-priced and under-powered. Critics too have made the point that the iPad mini’s screen resolution is a big let down. More on that here.

But Talk show host Conan O’Brien has gone much ahead and his show featured two videos, and in one of them they called Apple ‘drunk with power’. The first video, which is also a spoof on the original iPad mini ad with the piano, has a catchy song which goes,

Spend your money, spend your money,
Spend your money, spend your money,
You will buy
Anything that we put
Into the store
No matter how minute the Changes
You’re just trying to fill the empty void in your sad life.

Check out the video here:

And the second ad takes the Apple mocking to a whole new level as it shows Apple launching a new product called iPad mini Mega, (which is 8.8 inches), an iPad mini Mega Micro (8.4 inch), and iPad monstro (112 inches that barely fits in a door). The tag line for those screamIs the iPad too big but the iPad Mini too small? Don’t worry; Apple has plenty of expensive options for you.

The video ends with a voice-over:Apple we’re drunk with Power. You can watch that video here.

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