Electronic Arts announced that they're acquiring mobile game development studio, Firemint. This is the company behind games like Flight Control and Real Racing. Firemint is an Australian based gaming studio that was started in 1999 but, really only gained traction in 2009 with their game, Flight Control for the iPhone. The game has sold over 4.5 million copies and is also available on the iPad, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, Android, PC and PlayStation 3.

Flight Control - Firemint's feather in cap

Flight Control – Firemint's feather in cap

EA is clearly trying to get into the mobile gaming zone and this acquisition is another move in its efforts. They recently announced that they've acquired Mobile Post Production, a company that works on cross platform deveopment and porting mobile games across platforms. Other acquisitions have been Chillingo (the original publishers of Angry Birds before Rovio moved on, also the oublishers of Cut the Rope) and Playfish.

Publish date: May 4, 2011 10:16 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:44 pm

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