If you’re look at the picture below, you might think that this it’s some weird LCD/CRT mutation. But the truth is that it is probably one of the most advanced TVs you’d have ever seen. This is Eizo’s Duravision, a 3D screen that supports 3D vision at 1080p. And did I mention that it does this without the use of 3D glasses?

Duravision from Eizo – naked eye 3D

Now you’re probably thinking that I live in the Stone Age, as you’ve heard this all before, but wait; there’s something else. I don’t know how, but this company has apparently somehow managed to upgrade the technology to a level where your eyes see two separate images, but without all the discrepancies that other sets come with. It supports a variety of 3D viewing modes such as Side by side, Frame Sequential, Anaglyph, and Dual Input.

Here are the highlighted features:
23-inch display screen
Uses directional backlight
Naked-Eye 3D technology
Capability to deliver Full HD resolution picture
Offers 3D viewing modes
Two DVI-D interfaces
One VESA Stereo Sync port
Dimension 650

Publish date: December 1, 2010 2:03 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:58 pm

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