Facebook pages, widely used by businesses to promote brand awareness, as well as provide forums for direct interaction with consumers/users have just got a lot smarter.

In a move that is sure to make page admins happy the world over, Facebook announced that it was rolling out three new features, post scheduling, unpublished page posts and Page admin permissions for third-party apps.

Post scheduling in particular can be a huge boon for admins, who sometimes get stuck with too much content and too little time. The new feature allows admins to create posts and schedule them to be published anytime between ten minutes and six months in the future.

Facebook pages allow interaction with consumers: AP

According to a post on the Facebook developers blog, if you change your mind about the scheduled publish time of the post, you can change the schedule time or delete the unpublished post so long as the post’s original scheduled publish time is at least 3 minutes away.

The unpublished page posts allow admins to concentrate on targeted advertising within Facebook. This means that you can create a post that will be visible to only a certain segment of your followers. Such as women who live in Mumbai, or men from Delhi.

According to the developers blog, “Unpublished page posts allow for posts that can be promoted as sponsored Page posts, but they don’t show up on the Page’s timeline. Such promoted page posts appear only on the right hand side column, and not on the news feed.”

The third and final feature allows you to manage third party apps and the amount of control they have on your page. The Page admin can add the admin of the ads platform as a Page admin with Ads Creator permission. Then, the Page’s access token that the ads management platform receives, will be granted with only managing ads and reading insights permissions for the page.

Publish date: July 24, 2012 11:49 am| Modified date: July 24, 2012 11:49 am

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