Back in September at the f8 conference, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced the Timeline feature, which essentially is an overhauled feature of one’s current Facebook profile page. However, the Timeline feature was available only to a few users and the rest of the world had to wait till it was officially rolled out. Well, the wait is now over and Facebook, through a blog post have announced that Timeline is now available for everyone, worldwide.

Facebook gets revamped with the new Timeline feature

For those who do not know what this new feature is all about – it is basically a revamp of the social networking site giving users the ability to rediscover things that they have shared in the past and collect their most important moments. Besides this, one can also share new experiences like the music one listens to or how many miles they've run. The post states that there is a 7-day review period, once a user upgrades to Timeline. In this time, one can edit everything they wish to appear on their page before anyone else can view it. In this 7-day window, they can opt to publish their timeline at any given time. If one does not publish it during the span of these 7 days, the Timeline feature will go live automatically once the review period ends. Additionally, one can see how their Timeline appears before the people they share it with can see it.

The post goes on to mention other useful features of Timeline, like the ability to feature or hide stories, an activity log where one can view all their posts and activities. To know more about the Facebook Timeline feature, click here. One can also get Timeline by clicking on the announcement at the top of their Facebook page. This new feature rolls out today and will also be available on Android as well as To know how to get started with this feature, click here.

Let us know your thoughts on Facebook revamping their or rather our site again.

Publish date: December 16, 2011 9:30 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:09 pm

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