For Instagram, 2012 has been a pretty important year. Facebook acquired the company in April for a reported $1 billion. Towards the end of the year, Instagram announced that it would be launching its own website and also pulled off Twitter cards which had allowed people to view Instagram images on Twitter. And if that wasn’t enough on 17 December, Instagram announced changes to its terms of service stating that it would sell users’ photos to advertisers causing a public outcry. Instagram later retracted this particular clause. Getty Images
For Facebook too this was a big year. Beyond the Instagramacquisition, the social networking giant went public in May. However, the IPO was a disaster and the stock soon tanked. But things soon turned around with Zuckerberg announcing in October that Facebook now had 1 billion active users. Facebook Q3 revenue also showed that mobile advertising for the company had proved successful and the company launched a bunch of new apps as well in the course of the year such as Facebook Camera, Poke and a revamped Android and iOS app. AP
Marissa Mayer’s appointment as Yahoo’s CEO is probably one of the biggest turning points for the company. She is the youngest CEO for a Fortune 500 company and the only one who was appointed while she was pregnant. Mayer has already made some major changes to Yahoo. She revamped Yahoo Mail to give it a cleaner design and outlook and launched new Android, iOS app for the service. Under her guidance Flickr’s iOS got updated with new photo filters and other features. Mayer has emphasised that mobile is where Yahoo needs to focus and she’s been ensuring that it does just that. Reuters
For Twitter too this was a pretty eventful year. Twitter’s new API rules caused outrage among app developers who saw it as an attempt to squeeze them out. But it wasn’t all bad. Obama’s victory tweet became the most re-tweeted overall while the Pope also joined the Twitter universe.AFP
South Korean rapper PSY’s Gangnam Style video became a worldwide phenonmena. The video has the distinction of being the first video on YouTube to hit 1 billion views. AP

Publish date: December 26, 2012 2:46 pm| Modified date: December 26, 2012 2:46 pm

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