Kratos may have violently owned the crap out of Greek mythology but all said and done he was a fictitious character developed by the twisted minds at Sony’s Santa Monica studio.

Now Garshasp, on the other hand, is someone whose origins stem from Iranian mythology but that does not stop him from kicking a serious amount of demon butt. We catch up with the game's developer, Fanafzar Studios who give us the lowdown on their most ambitious effort till date.

How was Garshasp born? Is he loosely based on someone out of Iranian mythology?

Garshasp is one of the main super heroes of Persian Mythology and stories of Garshasp can be found both in ancient texts like Avesta and also a book of Poems written by Asadi Tusi about a thousand years ago.

Fanafzar's inspiration(s)

Do you think Garshasp will be to Iranian mythology what Kratos is to Greek mythology?

Kratos himself does not belong to the Greek mythology and is a made up character. However Garshasp has roots in mythology and ancient stories and the story of Garshasp in our game is also based on one of the stories of Garshasp in the ancient book, Avesta.

What games have served as inspirations for this project? Would you take offense in being called a God of War clone?

The God of War and Prince of Persia series have been the sources for inspiration for our game. We believe God of War is one of the best games in the world and for the first game of a small studio like ours, we really do not get offended to hear our game is a God of War clone. This is our first step and we hope to be able to achieve originality in the near future.

Some one call the fashion police

Is Gharshasp a linear game or does it have quasi RPG roots? Would it allow players to deviate from the main story to indulge in side quests?

Garshasp is mostly linear and other than simple upgrades for the weapons and new weapons which he finds along the way, there are not any major RPG elements to the game. The story is also linear and there aren't any side quests.

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