As the industry shifts its focus to 3D gaming, a number of things are going to happen and some have begun, already. 3D games and movies are becoming increasingly common these days and to really enjoy this 3D content, you’ll need a number of things. Firstly, a 3D capable system, since 3D processing does take a little more power than your everyday gaming PC. Once you have that figured, you have the games and, of course, you’ll need a good 3D display. To be honest, there aren’t a ton of models, but we’ve decided to scour the Indian market to find 3D monitors that are available in India. 

BenQ XL2420T

BenQ XL2420T - Mighty and fancy design

BenQ XL2420T – Mighty and fancy design

BenQ is one of the newest entrants into the display market, but they’ve been around for a few years now, launching mainstream displays as well as displays for professionals and gamers. Their new XL2420T is a stylish, 24-inch full-HD 3D display. Like almost all 3D displays in the market, this one has a refresh rate of 120Hz. BenQ has branded this display as a gaming monitor and the styling makes it standard, apart from the rest of the everyday use displays that we’re used to. It’s a TN-based panel, like most of the other mainstream displays. In terms of connectivity, there’s everything; a single D-Sub, DVI, two HDMI ports and even a DisplayPort. There’s also a 3.5mm audio output jack that can be used to connect headphones or external speakers. There’s also a USB hub functionality, using which users can connect up to three devices to the display. This one’s a brand new model, but expect prices to be around the Rs.25,000 range. The old model – the XL2410T sold for roughly Rs. 28,000.

LG D2342P

LG D2342P - Cinema 3D for your PC

LG D2342P – Cinema 3D for your PC

LG has been one of the pioneers in the field of 3D. Earlier last year, they launched their Cinema 3D FPR technology, which used passive 3D glasses, instead of active ones. The advantage was that they were lighter, more compact and most importantly they did not give the user a headache after brief usage. There’s no need to even charge the batteries or sync the glasses with the display. Viewing angles also are better and LG bundles two glasses – one that is conventional and the other one of the clip-on variety, meant for those who use spectacles. The same technology has come to their LED-backlit LCD monitors. The LG D2342P is one such display, which has a 23-inch viewing area. In terms of connectivity, there’s a DVI, D-Sub and HDMI port, but no DisplayPort. For those who want to connect headphones or speakers, there’s also the 3.5mm analog output. LG has priced it at a nominal price of just Rs.14,300 in the market, which makes for a very good purchase, indeed.

ViewSonic V3D245

ViewSonic V3D245 - A slightly expensive option

ViewSonic V3D245 – A slightly expensive option

ViewSonic has been around a while, and when it comes to displays, they’re known for some really great quality panels. Their new V3D245 is their attempt at a 3D-enabled display. Like most other displays, the V3D245 uses an active shutter glasses system. The 23.6-inch display supports a resolution of 1920×1080 and has a similar set of connectivity options – a DVI, HDMI, D-Sub and 3.5mm analog out connector. The design of the display is pretty basic, as compared to the BenQ XL2420T. Unlike most other displays, this one has a pair of built-in speakers, which have been rated at 4W; enough for basic music and movie viewing. The ViewSonic V3D245 sells for roughly Rs. 22,000 in the Indian market.


ASUS VG236H - From 3D graphics cards to 3D monitors

ASUS VG236H – From 3D graphics cards to 3D monitors

The ASUS VG236H is a 23-inch, full HD capable 3D display, which is branded as an NVIDIA 3D Vision supported model. The monitor’s features are similar to the rest of the models we’ve been talking about, i.e. it has DVI and HDMI ports, but also Component connectors, which means you can connect set top boxes and consoles, if you’d like. There’s also some flexibility as far as the display’s stand goes. Users can raise the stand upto the desired height and the display can also be swiveled, accordingly. ASUS is selling the VG236HE for a price of Rs. 21,500

AOC E2352Phz

AOC E2352PHz - Passive 3D power

AOC E2352PHz – Passive 3D power

AOC has crept into the LCD display market with some really good pricing on their products. They’ve been the underdog, so to speak, over the past few years. The E2352PHz may not be much to look at, but with a price a little over Rs.15,000, it’s an affordable option for those looking for a 3D capable monitor. There are speakers built into the display, which means you don't have to absolutely depend on headphones or external speakers. There’s also a 2D-to-3D content converter that suddenly lets you view much more content in 3D. You no longer have to look for native 3D content to be able to use the display, effectively. Like the 3D glasses on the LG D2342P, there are two glasses provided with the display – one a standard one and one for those who wear spectacles. The AOC E2353PHz also uses passive 3D glasses.

There’s a ton of things you can do, once you have your 3D system set up. Of course, you can view photos shot on 3D gamers and play 3D games. Connect a Blu-ray player or a console and you should be able to watch 3D Blu-rays as well, without having to spend more on a high-end TV and one for those who wear spectacles. The AOC E2353PHz also uses passive 3D glasses.

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