Sure the world is filled with gadgets, but there are a few that stand out. It’s not just because they are powerful or top of the line but they also bring something unique to the table. They stand out from the crowd.

Here are five gadgets that we think have stood out in 2011 because they fit the bill. Maybe it’s just a new take on an existing technology or maybe it’s a totally new technology that shakes up our view of things.

As with all of our end of the year reviews, this is just the five that stood out for us here at Firstpost Tech. We’re sure that you have a lot of ideas of your own. Let us know about here in the comments.

Wowee Slim speakers. Product Image

The WOWee slim speaker

We forget how many times that we’ve wanted to play music or show a video to someone but the weak laptop speakers didn’t fill the room. If you’ve ever run into this problem too, you’ll want to check out the WOWee Slim. It’s not just a portable speaker. It has a gel bottom that adheres to any flat surface, like a wooden table, and turns it into a giant speaker. (Note, don’t try sticking it to a window or vertical surface.) The review videos don’t do this little gadget justice. On a good resonant surface, this thing can really pump up the volume. To buy the WOWee slim speaker click here.

The Asus Transformer Prime
We’re in one of those times when companies are really trying new things, especially with the dizzying array of mobile phones and tablets. Taiwanese computer and gadget maker Asus is one of the more experimental companies, and its Transformer series of tablets is one of its more successful attempts to create a new class of gadget. Part tablet, part notebook, the Transformer Prime now sports Nvidia’s five-core Tegra3, and with the extra battery in the option keyboard, you’ll get a staggering 18 hours of use . Right now, the Transformer Prime is running the Google’s tablet-focused version of Android, aka Honeycomb. To be honest, we think it doesn’t show everything that is possible with this cool tablet, but Asus promises that you can upgrade to the newer version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, when its ready. To know more about tech details and it’s price in India click here.

Motorola Atrix 2. Screengrab from website

Motorola Atrix 2
Android has given mobile pioneer Motorola a new lease on life. After the Razr, Motorola didn’t really have a second act, but it’s now turning out some very interesting handsets. Motorola makes a lot more than mobile phones, including cable boxes, and it wants to knit together its home entertainment equipment with its phones. The Atrix not only does that, but like the Transformer, it has a few tricks. You can buy a dock to transform this powerful smartphone into a notebook, and it also has a home multimedia dock with an HDMI output. From the reviews, we’re not entirely convinced that the Atrix has hit its stride, but we hope it does. It’s a nice idea, and with a little more polish, especially with the laptop dock, it has the potential to be the first phone that tempt you to leave your laptop at home. To know more about it’s price in India click here.

The Lytro digital camera
We wrote about the Lytro when it was introduced earlier in the autumn. If you don’t remember, this is the camera where you can point-and-shoot and worry about the focus later. The Lytro isn’t just a cool looking camera, but it’s an entirely new type of camera. It uses some very advanced physics and some powerful software to capture the entire light field, allowing you to choose the plane of focus after you take the picture rather than before. Popular Science dubbed it the innovation of 2011. Again, this first generation probably doesn’t show the full promise of this technology, but this is a ground-breaking device. We think there is something in being first.

Sony’s 3-D camcorder binoculars

To be honest, we’ve resisted the 3-D craze this year, but this combo gadget from Sony really caught our eye. Thetwo binoculars cum camcordersgive you 10x optical zoom to get you closer to the action, but better than that, at the click of a button, they can then record the scene in full HDand3D, although that cuts the magnification down to only 5.4x. The top-of-the-line DEV-5 also has a built-in GPS if you want to add location to your video. The 3D video will play on most of the new 3D televisions. To know more about the product clickhere.

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