Since quite some time now, there have been rumours whirling around about Apple planning on building a full-blown HDTV to tackle the market, it has not yet ventured into. In the past, the brand had successfully revolutionized the way one listens to music by launching the iPod and later on changed the entire way one uses a mobile phone by unveiling the iconic iPhone. Late Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs, in his biography had told author Walter Isaacson that he had ‘cracked it’, while referring to an integrated HDTV. However, there has been no concrete information regarding this mythical Apple HDTV aka Apple iTV as Isaacson did not wish to divulge any information regarding any of Apple’s forthcoming products that had been told to him. However, this has changed to a vast degree and what were previously just rumours and speculations have now become a reality with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou letting it slip that his company is getting ready to begin producing the Apple iTV.

Will the Apple HDTV look like this?

Foxconn CEO spills the beans on the iTV

As per a report by China Daily, “Gou said Foxconn is making preparations for iTV, Apple Inc's rumored upcoming high-definition television, although development or manufacturing has yet to begin. iTV reportedly features an aluminum construction, Siri, and FaceTime video calling. Foxconn's recent 50-50 joint venture factory with Sharp in Japan is one of the preparations made for the device.”

These revelations by Gou are the most substantial bits of information known, regarding the rumoured Apple HDTV with all other previous leaks being revealed by anonymous industry sources and analysts.

To get a better idea on what this iTV would entail, anonymous sources in the past have revealed that one could start watching a movie on the television set and then pick up an iOS device, such as an iPhone and continue watching from where they last watched. In a recent report regarding this Apple iTV, reports have emerged stating that the television would look a lot like Apple’s Cinema Displays, only they would be a lot larger. Like the report by China Daily, previous reports, too have indicated that this television would be Siri-enabled and have an iSight camera that will allow one to make FaceTime calls.

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Publish date: May 12, 2012 11:40 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:15 pm

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