We've shown you how to maximise your search for free games and apps on your iOS device. Now it's time for favourites. Here are our free favourite games that we discovered this month.

1. Sky Burger

Catch of the day

All you meatheads, this whacky game is for you. The objective is simple. You're given a very specific order for a burger with all the fixin's. You start out with a bun on the ground and tilt your phone left or right to catch the falling ingredients. Those who enjoyed the film, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” will enjoy this game. Stack the exact number of meat patties as ordered, the exact number of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles etc., top off with another bun and you have your sale. You get tipped for every time you catch a correct ingredient and lose a tip whenever you miss a correct ingredient or add an incorrect ingredient. Here's the catch. The burger grows into the sky (hence Sky Burger). Which means it becomes unstable. Catch a wrong ingredient and you only lose your tip, catch a bun top and you lose your order and go back to level one. This hungry player's only reached level 12 up until now.

2. BurgerQueen

She's a businesswoman... yea...

She's a businesswoman… yea…

Continuing with the burger theme (gosh, I must be REALLY hungry), this casual game is for the ladies (and the odd starving gentleman). The premise presents itself as a predicament, you're dad owns a burger store and goes to Hawaii on vacation for three weeks leaving you in charge. You learn the ropes by dishing out stacks of burgers as they come, eventually moving on to drinks, fries and ice cream. Your main priority? You have to keep the customers happy! And not all of them want to be happy. You have a lady whose order you always have to take before anyone else's, even if you're working on something else, you have a body builder whose burger HAS to be stacked in order of ingredients as well as a homeless person who drives everyone else away unless you help him first. Be warned, if you have a weak heart or an easy temper, you might want to stay away from this game.

3. FourInARow

Good ol' digital Connect 4

Good ol' digital Connect 4

This is for all you Connect 4 fans out there. It's you versus the computer or you can go multiplayer too. Choose your difficulty level and connect away. Be warned, the computer does have an ego. If you beat it too many times on 'easy', it will boost itself up to medium in a game just to even the score. This game is fun, saves you a few moolah and reduces plastic! How's that for value for money?

4. Bounce Bullet

If shooting people is your middle name

If shooting people is your middle name

This game is for folks with gory-er taste. It's set up in a way like Angry Birds with a shooter on the left. You aim his gun at any target and get this; the bullet bounces off of bricks and the outer limits of the 'shooting range'. You're killing people and the more people exploding into goops of blood with the same bullet, the more points you get. Don't worry, the bullets never bounce back and kill your original shooter. He remains the dude in the cowboy hat.

5. Mad Chad

Help a boy get his pigeon back

Help a boy get his pigeon back

Steal a pigeon from a boy, he's going to get really angry. And enough leg muscle to run around the world chasing you for his bird. The game takes you through various levels and battlefields including a football field, Brooklyn at night and South Beach, Miami. The obstacles obviously aren't obstacles for the villain but Chad has to jump over sandcastles, under hoops, tapping to destroy enemies and non-pigeon birds charging at him to get to the villain with his pigeon. At the end of every level, however, he is beamed onto a new battlefield instead of finally just getting his bird (clearly this pigeon has the cure for the common cold what with all the fuss being made around it). This app will keep you entertained for a few days and while the physics are a tad shoddy, the artwork is pretty well done and the fact that every other level takes you into a new setting is kinda cool.

That's it for this month's discoveries. Stay tuned in March for a new slew of free games to keep you entertained till.. April at the very least.

Publish date: February 22, 2011 4:22 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:21 pm

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