December appears to be a good month for the Galaxy Nexus, with Adobe announcing that they would provide Flash support and the much spoken about volume bug fix being rolled out through an over-the-air update. Starting off with the Flash Player update, a blog post by Adobe stated that they would provide a minor update in December to the runtimes to support the Galaxy Nexus. They have addressed this issue, since Adobe received questions regarding the support for Adobe Flash Player 11.1 and AIR 3.1 on the latest Google phone. They categorically stated that, as of now, the Galaxy Nexus does not support Adobe Flash Player and AIR, but December is the timeframe that has been provided for the handset to receive this support.

Something BIG is unveiled!

Flash support and volume bug fix on its way

Moving on to the volume bug fix that plagued the Galaxy Nexus in the U.K, a report by androidcentral states that an OTA update is being rolled out to users to rectify this issue. The report goes on to mention that this update is less than 1MB and updates the smartphone from build ITL41D to ITL41F. There is no change in the version number and it remains the same at 4.0.1. If one is facing this issue and wants to access this patch, they can go to settings, and then proceed onto about phone and system updates.

Publish date: December 1, 2011 10:23 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:04 pm

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