After being roasted by the heat, we really hope the rain Gods grace us with their presence early this month. But even if they don’t, we have plenty of reasons to stay inside the confines of our rooms thanks to the games releasing in June 2012.

Max Payne 3 (PC)

After waiting for nearly two weeks, PC gamers will finally get to try out Max’s latest adventure. The PC port has been tweaked with better visuals and a better control scheme so it looks like the wait will be well worth it. In the meantime, do head over to our review to see how Max has aged over the years.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Xbox360 PS3 PC)

If you’ve played any Ghost Recon game in the past you know the drill. You’re an elite terrorist/crime fighting solider who gets the drop on his enemies with some sweet technology, courtesy Uncle Sam. With Future Soldier, the Ghost have now been upgraded to even sweeter technology like the ability to completely turn invisible. The game like the newer Rainbow Six games will play out from a first person perspective, shifting to a third person one as and when you take cover against objects.

Inversion (Xbox360 PS3)

From the guys who brought you the rather enjoyable time manipulating shooter TimeShift comes a new third person, cover based shooter in which you manipulate gravity. Think of the run and gun mechanics from Gears of War, only now you have the ability to alter the environment by literally turning it upside down. You play as one Davis Russel, a cop with a short fuse who along with his neighbour must protect the planet from an unknown force. If taking on a race of technologically advanced enemies sounds like too much for you, enlist your friend in the battle as Inversion supports co-operative play for two players. 

The Amazing Spider-Man (Xbox360 PS3 PC)

The Spider-Man games have been in a steady state of decline ever since Spider-Man 2. Now it seems Activision is trying to recreate that magic with yet another open world game based on the new Spider-Man flick. Developed by Beenox Entertainment (same guys behind both Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time), The Amazing Spider-Man will allow players to roam around New York city as the web crawler cleaning up its streets, one block at a time.

Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox360 PS3 PC)

The Spec Ops demo left us feeling rather lukewarm towards this game but that was an old build and developer Yager could still crank out an enjoyable third person cover based shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Dubai. It’s just that with so many games around, it’s hard to root for one that has nothing special going on for it. Let’s hope I’m wrong though because even though gameplay felt generic, the game’s setting felt like a breath of fresh air.

Resistance Burning Skies (PS Vita)

The first FPS on the Vita, Resistance Burning Skies is a brand new story arc taking place in the Resistance universe. Players step into the boots of firefighter Tom Riley who must defeat the bloodthirsty Chimera to save his family. The game will apparently make full use of the Vita’s dual analogue control scheme and will even ship with competitive multiplayer modes. 

Lollipop Chainsaw (Xbox360 PS3)

Yet another quirky game from the quirky mind of Suda 51, Lollipop Chainsaw is a third person, hack and slash game where players must fend off a zombie invasion in a high school…as a cheerleader. Oh and they’re helped in this endeavour by the decapitated but fully functional head of their boyfriend. Ok then. I think I’ll let the video do the explaining.

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